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Zhar-Ptitsa "The best of"(Dubna)

The history begins in 1975 when experienced Dubna rock star Sergei Popov(ex-Fobos)decide make new group with young musicians.Career of the band resemble a partisan detective - they be able to adjust underground production of self-made tapes.In the country where rock bands cant make official records and vinil discs,band from little city become a really stars,who's tapes be found everywhere from Japan to England...And come fatal 1983,a lot of rock musicians find oneself in prisons...KGB begins criminal case but... Dubna's militiamen dont arrest the man,who's songs they know's from childhood,Popov stay free but must stop activity of the band.THIS ALBUM VERY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Your blog is a precious way to know about rock ´n´ roll from eastern europe, principally old USSR!!!!!!!!!! great blog and bands!!!!!!!!!! still fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!

saudations of brazil!

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Спасибо за возвращение в юность