среда, 21 мая 2008 г.

Kafedra Eksperimental'noi Psihonavtiki i Issledovanii Vnutrennego Kosmosa"Samokat Shulgina" 2008 (Viatka - Podol'sk)

I'm glad present to you first record of Dept. Experimental Psychonautics And Studies Of Internal Space - new russian psychedelic-kraut heroes.IT'S EXCLUSIVE and ultra rare!
Album printed on underground label in number ONLY 30 COPIES(!) and give out in internet free for everybody but only on special russian sites,and now first time on international file hosting!
Interesting synthesis of american 60's psych rock and german kraut with space sounds and nice female voice.

1.Summertime/Мы-Oдно(We are the One) (Gershvin/Kafedra)
2.С другой стороны гриба (On other side of mushroom)
3.Молча глядя в огонь(Silently looks in a fire)
4.Мы в трипе люби меня сука/Somebody to love(Love me in trip,bitch!) (Kafedra/G.Slick)
6.Вспоминай-Рэп для Станислава Грофа(Remember!-Rap for Stanislav Grof)
7Sound check
8Remix for track 3

New link:

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iban комментирует...

Thank you man...awesome

Aghori комментирует...

This is excellent!!! Thanks a lot !!!

rickdog комментирует...

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nebrit комментирует...

spasibo Ailend :)

Ricardo Silvestre комментирует...

Hi There! This link doesn't work.Can you put this album in another link?Please.
Great Albums you have here,excelent Work!

Lafartuna комментирует...

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Евгения комментирует...

if link is dead, download from official site - www.kafedra.org