среда, 7 мая 2008 г.

Visokosnoe Leto "Lavka chudes" 1972-1979 (Moskow)

Pioneers of russian art-rock.We have stars in this style too)))

Sometimes it's very strong!Different material,from easy songs to last track "Сатанинские пляски"(Satanic dances),what absolutely madness!You can listen and be sure.


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inner planes комментирует...

this is wonderful! I'm going to Russia this fall and I'm so glad to find out that there's Russian psychedelic rock. And this band is great! If you have more of their albums, please post them!

Dmitrich комментирует...

И ещё одна большая радость!!! Огромное СПАСИБО !!!

aldo комментирует...

How do you open this file?
it is not the usual WinRar...