среда, 24 декабря 2008 г.

Dept experimental psychonautics & studies of internal space " Psy-pop"2008

The band that calls in russian transcription Kafedra Eksperimental'noi Psihonavtiki i Issledovanii Vnutrennego Kosmosa
come back with a second record.All tracks made in a different styles,strange product and have 2 hits - strong and fast electrokraut "Pain" and dreamy "Road from home to home" with female voice of Ania in spirit of their first psychedelic album

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ufo комментирует...

XLNT space/kraut!
You need to re-up some of these albums (Vespero + the 1st Dept Experimental...etc).
i've just stumbled upon your blog sfter perusing a Vespero review at Terrascope online...
Great job + keep it up + Re-up, please...
Thank you!